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Our Story

Hi, friend. I'm Natalie.

I’m the founder and designer behind MĀEDN, and I’m so glad you’re here! It seems like a lifetime ago that I sketched my first bag designs with you in mind. I kept thinking of all the roles you fill in life – mom, businesswoman, best friend, travel lover, and everything in between – and I wanted a bag that could meet you where you were at. Today, I’m so excited to design beautiful, functional bags that help you easily transition from all stages of womanhood and move through this thing called life!

About Us

Simple, elevated style for all stages of womanhood.

Māedn was founded on the idea that an accessory can be both beautiful AND functional.  Many bags are created specific for a certain role - often motherhood, work or traveling - but as women, we fill many different roles in life.  Māedn bags are here to help you transition between those roles and through all stages of womanhood.